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One Day Convention and Show

Sunday 3rd April 2011

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WMA One-day Convention and Show

Sunday 3rd April 2011

Kinson Community Centre,
Pelhams Park, Millhams Road, Kinson,
Bournemouth  BH10 7LH

kinson map Link to Web site

Doors Open 9.30 am for the Magic Convention.

A wealth of magic and entertainment has been
arranged for the convention during the
morning and afternoon.

will start at 6.30 pm, and is
open to everybody.


open to everybody.

star Starring star
The Art of Wonder


Diva of Magic





Contemporary Dance Act  STORM

Photographs of the Stars:
Jay Berry Jay Scott Berry
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Romany Romany
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Peter Wardell Peter Wardell
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Phil Smith Phill Smith
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Paul with your MC

Paul Hyland

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The Dedicated Dealer Hall
will be open all day with:

Adrian Sullivan Link to Web site
Full 52 Productions Link to Web site
Jay Scott Berry Link to Web site
Magic Attic Link to Web site
Magic Tao Link to Web site
Mike Danata Link to Web site
Playtime Balloons Link to Web site
Paul Gordon Link to Web site
Razzamatazz Link to Web site
Tony Griffith Link to Web site
Phill Smith Link to Web site
Wayne Dobson Link to Web site
Zane Link to Web site

Star Lecturers (Main Hall):

Link to Web siteJay Scott Berry-the "Signature" Lecture.
Recognized as one of the finest creators and performers of his generation, Jay has travelled the globe as a professional entertainer for over 25 years.

He is one of the living Masters of the Topit, the Thumb Tip, the Finger Shell, the Ring and Ribbon, Silk Magic and Coin Magic. His inspirational lectures have received rave reviews and standing ovations at magic clubs and conventions, earning him the title of "Magician's magician". It is often said that his Magic "is as close to real magic as you will ever see".

Always willing to go where none have, and create outside of the box, he has helped to shape the current state-of-the-magical-art.

The Signature Lecture is a "Best of" collection of Jay's creations. Included are many of his finest ideas, effects, gimmicks and routines, all of which are still an active part of his professional shows. This is your chance to see one of Magic's great minds in action as he performs and teaches his signature effects.

Link to Web siteRomany - “That Thing You Do! ”.
Her lecture is about presentation, about how we treat props, about how to know who you are before you set foot on the stage, and of course a couple of tricks too. It's pulled from what she has learned from teachers of magic such as Bob Fitch, Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger and John Carney over the last twelve years.

Link to Web sitePhill Smith - “Mitox Mentalism”. Phill, author of the acclaimed Mitox, Yokai and Mokele, handbooks on creative mentalism, presents an exciting lecture exposing the secrets of performing engaging mentalism and mental magic. With a focus on practical methods and impactful presentation, Mitox mentalism is intent on delivering real-world experiences to real people. Phill offers a range of material suiting everyone from hardcore mentalists to magicians keen to take advantage of the "mental" buzz. You can expect tried-and-tested jaw-droppers that will work for you.

Workshop / Lectures (Side Rooms):

Link to Web sitePaul Gordon - "Commercial Card Conjuring", from a performer, magical author and lecturer who needs no further introduction

Link to Web siteTony Griffith - "Reflections". Tony Griffith celebrates the release of his fourth (and allegedly final) book in the 'Reflections' series, Ultimate Reflections, with this lecture:
Tony's books contain a veritable cornucopia of everything from refined commercial close-up and stand-up magic to mentalism, kids' magic and the magic of science - all honed and polished from a lifetime of performing in all kinds of venues around the world.
These books have rapidly become an 'underground' favourite among magicians, garnering great reviews from all quarters.

About our acts:

Romany - International star and Diva of Magic - will close the evening gala show with her spectacular stage act.

Strongly influenced by 1950s Hollywood and the stars of burlesque, Romany is famous for her fabulous costumes, diamonds and feathers as well as her highly-accomplished magic skills. “She puts the sauce back into sorcery.“

Time Out described her as “a flamboyant hybrid of Bette Midler and Mary Poppins... a fascinating razzle-dazzle mix of magic, original comedy and intelligent glamour“. Romany was honoured by the Magic Circle in 2009 when she became a Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star for performance.

She was the first woman to win Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year in 2007 and, in 2010, she received the International Brotherhood of Magicians' British Ring Shield for the most entertaining Stage Act!

Visit the Website Link to Web site

Jay Scott Berry - A modern-day Merlin and Renaissance man now living in Australia. Creator, composer and producer, Jay is widely recognised as one of the world´s finest magicians.

At the age of nineteen, he was the youngest ever magician to perform at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Channing Pollock described Jay's act as “Impeccable magic, absolutely wondrous.“ His c.v. includes dozens of appearances on national and international television programmes, work as a lecturer and seminar leader, input for numerous film, television and theatrical productions, work at corporate events and trade shows and work with The Palace of Magic Festival among many other things.

In fact there is hardly an area in the performance of magic that Jay has not experienced. He has travelled the globe for over 25 years delighting audiences with an elegant style that can be best described as pure magic.

Visit the Website Link to Web site

Peter Wardell - newly crowned as The Magic Circle's Stage Magician of the Year 2010/11, he is widely recognised as one of the strongest performers of magic in the country today.

Not only an award-winning close-up magician, he has also received critical acclaim for his theatre and cabaret work. A previous winner of the International Magic Close-up Magician of the Year award and of The Carlton Award for Comedy, he won The Magic Circle's Close-up Competition in 2009.

Peter was chosen as the opening act at the Magic Circle's 100th Birthday celebrations performing in front of 1000 magicians from around the world, including many of the most famous names in the art.

Visit the Website Link to Web site

Phill Smith - author of acclaimed handbooks on creative mentalism, presents an exciting act of subtle - and sometimes not so subtle - mentalism laced with idiosyncratic humour.

Visit the Website Link to Web site

And our Master of Ceremonies:

Paul Hyland - whose household motto is "Dignity, always dignity", will be introducing the acts and performing the "Art of the Impossible".

Visit the Website Link to Web site

Facilities Available

Food & Drink
Cup sign spoon and fork sign
Hot & Cold snacks and drinks will be
available all day.

Free Parking
Parking sign
There will be plenty of Free Parking available in the grounds of the Community Centre.

For tickets, please send a cheque
payable to ”WMA”, to:
Andy Nineham
59 Budmouth Ave., Preston, Weymouth,
Dorset, DT3 6QJ . Tel.01305-833439

You may print off this

linked application form

for your convenience.

The price for the convention (including the Gala
Show) is £18 if booked by 31st March (£20 on the
day), or £10.00 for the evening Gala Show only.



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