Synopsis of Chris Randall Lecture

Fly by Night - Chris handling of the hummer card. This has been his opener for over 15 years

7 Digits - The greatest trick ever to get a girl's phone number!

Balls from the mouth - Chris' handling of this classic sponge ball routine now turned into mini illusion 

Swoosh - A simple and natural deck switch 

Desert Rose - Torn and restored napkin rose and napkin rose magic.  

Scandal Switch - The ultimate solution for your linking ring routine. Only two rings are used and both are examined. This is the center piece of Chris' award winning act. If you hate the rings then you will love this and if you love the rings then you will be in Heaven. 

Heavens Aces - 4 jokers are produced at the finger tips and then instantly change to 4 aces in a very visual way.

The Inception - The history of the Bill in Lemon from Jarrow to Chris. Also you will learn the bill switch, Chris' rope routine, and all the elements that make up The Inception. The Inception has been hailed as the real work on bill in lemon


Synopsis of Dave Loosley Lecture

Dave Loosley will take you through the tried and tested routines used hundreds of times in the real world. Dave’s magic is easy to perform, very visual to watch and always creative.

You are going to learn some incredible magic with items which include sweets, cards and napkins to name a few

This lecture will be crammed with great information including the creative process Dave goes through when inventing his unique style of magic and a lot of fun and laughter along the way.




Synopsis of Marc Oberon's Lecture

Marc's lecture includes powerful close up and stand up effects from his repertoire of mentalism and visual magic. As well as explaining the methods, he will talk about his theory of magical choreography; "Grips, Lines & Looks". The art of understanding audiences, knowing how to draw them in, elevate their experience and make the moment of reveal explosive.


Close Up Session with:


James Brown


Rus Andrews


Wayne Fox




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