Wessex Magical association - in flames

This year the Convention will be on Sunday 3rd April 2022
at Bournemouth School for Girls, Bournemouth BH8 9UJ.

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We hope you enjoy a fantastic convention with us as we celebrate our 90th anniversary


Richard Jones

Richard Jones

Lance Corporal Richard Jones is the only Magician to ever WIN Britain’s Got Talent!

A World-Class Celebrity Magician who can be seen entertaining at Corporate Events, Royal Parties and in Theatres regularly all around the world.

Richard has had Sold Out UK Tours, Headlined the West End and is one of the most highly viewed entertainers on TV globally.

As well as being a leading TV Magician, he is also an in demand Corporate Entertainer and an Ambassador of The British Army.

Richard combines his experiences and training built up over 10 years in Her Majesty’s Forces with cutting edge Magic and illusion.

Richard has been awarded status of ‘Member of The Inner Magic Circle’ with Gold Star, the most prestigious honour among magicians.

For information about Richard, visit the Scarlett Entertainment website

Megan Swan

Megan Swann

Megan Swann's unique stage act combines ballet with magic in a beautiful theatrical performance.

Imagine the scene; a ballerina has just returned to her dressing room and mysterious things start to happen.

Old champagne becomes red wine, ribbons become dancing canes, light bulbs float...and all whilst Megan dances en pointe!

For information about Megan, visit her website

Great Baldini

The Great Baldini

The Great Baldini (the Emperor of Illusion, the Prince of Prestidigitation, the Maharajah of Mystery) is a magical legend, a relict of the music halls, a performer of the old school.

Here Baldini tells the story of his magical career through a series of spectacular illusions - from his very first trick to the pinnacle of his career – attempting Houdini’s greatest escape.

Finally, he offers one member of the audience the chance to join the Wessex Magical Association,…if they dare.

"Incredible" Front Row, BBC Radio 4

For information, visit the website

Jamie Raven

Jamie Raven

Jamie Raven is a Magician and Illusionist who burst onto an unsuspecting world during the 2015 series of Britain’s Got Talent. His magic amazed audiences and even made the famously magic loathing Simon Cowell exclaim, “I now actually believe in magic!” on route to finishing runner up and in his own words as “Top Human”.

For information, visit the website



Alexander Jesson is a world class illusionist and a born showman who has been astonishing audiences with grand illusion shows internationally and all over the UK for many years now.

In 2004, Alexander and his sister, Emily began to create the show "Matricks" and have come a long way since, working alongside the likes of Stephen Mulhern, Diversity, KSI and Roman Kemp. Matricks have also been seen on "The Sidemen Show" and ITV’s ‘Keep It In The Family’ with Bradley Walsh, where they've perplexed millions with their original set pieces, dynamic soundtrack and powerful performances.

For information, visit the website