Wessex Magical association - in flames

This year the Convention will be on Sunday 3rd April 2022
at Bournemouth School for Girls, Bournemouth BH8 9UJ.

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We hope you enjoy a fantastic convention with us as we celebrate our 90th anniversary


The Lectures shown below may be changed, and any times are approximate, .

Noel Qualter

Noel Qualter

Noel is a professional close up magician, Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star and a magic consultant for Objective Productions, advising on shows such as Help My Supply Teacher is Magic, Now You See It and Killer Magic. In his over 17 years as a professional magician he's performed several stints at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, at the Harry Potter wrap party and a private show for Saudi Royal family with armed guards watching on.

He's the only person to have been awarded the The Magic Circle Originality prize more than once, in fact Noel won it consecutively in the 3 years he entered (2014, 2015 and 2016) and in 2018 he won the Cecil Lyle Award for the best trick in The Magic Circular (house magazine of The Magic Circle). He has released several products to the magic community including Alarmed and iDeck and the recent smash hit BLISS - Bill Loaded into Sharpie System.

In this lecture he will share his inventive close up magic which has a strong focus on quirky humour including fully explaining the trick that he won the Cecil Lyle award for. Everything from classic magic plots to wildly original premises there is something for all fans of close up magic. About 50/50 card to non cards.

For information about Noel, please visit his website

Megan Swan

Megan Swann

Megan Knowles-Bacon, best known by her stage name Megan Swann, is the president of The Magic Circle. She was 28 when she gained the position in 2021.

Megan shares her love of performing themed magic, explaining how (and why) she developed her unique acts and showcasing some of her favourite environmental routines.

For information about Megan, please visit her website

Gimmick King

The Gimmick King

Steve Rowe as well as being a top class magician is perhaps  better known  by  his title The Gimmicking!

In  a practical  lecture this creative dynamo will share some of his insights on creating props, and using them to get the maximum impact. He will show various crafting methods and tools he  uses to make his magic, including  splitting cards, making gaffer tape holders and making flap cards.

For information about the gimmick King, please visit the website

Richard Jones

Richard Jones

Lance Corporal Richard Jones is the only magician to ever WIN Britain’s Got Talent. A world-class celebrity magician & mentalist who can be seen entertaining at corporate events, royal parties and in theatres regularly all around the world.

Richard has had sold out UK tours, headlined the West End and is one of the most highly viewed entertainers on TV globally.

As well as being a top TV magician, he is also an Ambassador of The British Army. He combines his specialist military training from over the last 10 years with his fascination with the Art of Deception to create a unique and powerfully eye opening experience to audiences.

For information about Richard, visit the Scarlett Entertainment website

Paul Gordon

Paul Gordon

His lecture is fun, fast paced and full of worker commercial card magic. The lecture for the Wessex Convention will be loaded with doable goodies and very special offers for attendees.

For information about Paul, please visit the website

Wayne Fox

Late news: sorry, unable to attend due to illness:

Wayne Fox

Wayne Fox has been a professional magician for over twenty five years. He is proud member of the world famous Magic Circle and in 2015 he was recognised for his contribution to the magical arts when  he  was made a member of  The Inner Magic Circle'. In addition Wayne also received the coveted 'Gold Star' for his elite level of performance.

For information about Wayne, please visit the website

Craig Petty

Craig Petty

Best known for his incredible award-winning tricks and performances in the Magic community for the last 25 years, Craig has risen through many challenges and achieved success like no other. Now a successful businessman, it’s purely coincidental that Craig’s biggest area of expertise is coin manipulation. The art of manipulating coins in fast and skilful flourishes has taken Craig years to perfect and shows the dedication that he and other magicians have in crafting their art.

For information about Craig, please visit his website