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Events Programme 2007

January 9th

Chris Woodward MIMC Lecture on Fogel & Robert Harbin

January 30th

Extraordinary General Meeting

February 13th Tue

Annual Sale & Auction

March 13th

Michael Vincent MIMC Lecture

April 1st

One Day Convention, Kinson Community Centre, Bournemouth

April 10th

In House Challenge

May 15th

Presidents Night. Daniel Hunt 'Houdini the handcuff king, and art of escapology' Lecture

June 12th

4 Workshops on magic

July 10th

Annual Competitions


Auditions and WMA Lectures

September 11th

Mark Leveridge 'pick and mix'

October 9th

Annual General Meeting

November 13th

Lecture Fay Presto

December 11th

WMA Christmas Party

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