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Events Programme 2014

Jan 14th Tue

Test Flights. Bring along an effect or act that you want to try out. If possible, please let the President know so that the evening can be organised.

Feb 11th Tue

Hot Topics. Themed discussions about specific magic subjects, Childrens; Close-up; Mentalism; Stage; Street..

Mar 11th Tue

A lecture by Chris Congreve. Visiting magicians welcome for just a £5 fee.

Apr 8th Tue

Auditions, followed by a light-hearted competition "The Magic Gauntlet". Please contact Jay if you would like to take part, final orgnisation will be on the night. Bring along some of your favourite effects in case you are offered the chance to participate.

May 13th Tue

A lecture by Mike Danata. Visiting magicians welcome for just a £5 fee. We hope you will come and support your local dealer. PLUS: further comments on moving the club base.

Jun 10th Tue

A lecture by Peter Samelson from New York. Visiting magicians welcome for just a £5 fee. Peter Samelson

Jul 8th Tue

WMA Competition. Please contact contact Jay if you would like to take part. Categories: Stage & Close-up. Lay friends and visitors welcome at no charge.

Aug 12th Tue

A series of short lectures by members. (If you would like to take part, please contact Jay). Please bring along a finger ring to use during one of the lectures.

Sep 9th Tue

President's Night - Ravi Mayer Lectures. Visiting magicians welcome for only a £5 fee. Ravi Mayer

Oct 3rd Fri

WMA Dinner and Cabaret at the Carrington House Hotel, Bournemouth BH1 3QQ. Please bring your guests along. Entertainment includes Mel Mellors and Peter Wardell ! Dinner

Oct 14th Tue

WMA AGM and Club Night, followed by Magic Swap shop (please bring along a DVD for swapping). Sorry, but members only.

Nov 11th Tue

The Branksome Crew Entertains (The intended lecture by Henry Evans has regretably had to be postponed). Non-magical guests are welcome to join us for the evening.

Dec 9th Tue

WMA Christmas party. Guests are welcome (at no charge). Marc Paul will be entertaining us.

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