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Events Programme 2015

Jan 13th Tue

Lecture by Wayne Fox (visiting magicians welcome for a £5 entry fee)

Feb 10th Tue

The Packet Trick Challenge - *see below for rules . IMPORTANT: being held at the normal meeting place - Bourne Valley

Mar 10th Tue

Lecture by Henry Evans (visiting magicians welcome for a £5 entry fee). FIRST MEETING AT THE GRASSHOPPER

Apr 14th Tue

We're very fortunate to be having a lecture by Tom Wright (replacing the planned lecture by Chris Randall)(visiting magicians welcome for a £5 entry fee). SECOND MEETING AT THE GRASSHOPPER.

Apr 19th Sun

WMA One-day Convention! at The Hub in Verwood.

May 12th Tue

Test Flights. Bring along an effect or act that you want to try out. If possible, please let the President know, so that the evening can be organised. MEETING AT THE GRASSHOPPER

May 17thSun

EXTRA lecture, by David Penn. Meeting at THE GRASSHOPPER at 6:30 pm. WMA Members and Visiting magicians welcome, for the small fee of £5.

Jun 9th Tue

Lecture by Leo Smetsers and Peter Nardi (visiting magicians welcome for a £5 entry fee).

Jul 14th Tue

Competition Night, please let Jon know if you intend to take part.

Aug 11th Tue


Sep 8th Tue

President's night - Lecture by Trevor Duffy (visiting magicians welcome for a £5 entry fee).

Oct 2nd Fri

Gala Dinner/Cabaret, at 'The Village' (near Bournemouth Hospital). Proposed entertainment by Romany and your waiter, Claude. Tickets only £35. BOOKING FORM as a pdf fle - BOOKING FORM as a Word Document

Oct 13th Tue

AGM, sorry, but Members only.

Nov 10th Tue

SODS entertain (Society of Dorset Sorcerers)

Dec 8th Tue

WMA Christmas Party. Visitors and Family welcome.

* The Packet Trick Challenge

A WMA February meeting never experienced before that who knows just may be the start of new beginnings....

The President invites all members to attend and hopefully join in "The Packet Trick Challenge". A fun filled evening providing you with an opportunity to perform your favourite packet trick or try out something new and to see some new ones, in a fun filled, competitive and friendly new venue. There will be a prize for the most entertaining and magical performance voted for by the participating members. Come along take up the challenge and see what the evening holds. You have a month to make your trick selection and prepare to entertain your fellow members and be entertained; letís make it a night to remember.

The President's dictionary definition of a 'Packet Trick'

     packet trick

     pronunciation pakit_trik


A selection of cards used to perform a trick. A packet trick does not use an entire deck of playing cards but only some or a few of them. The cards can be playing cards or any other type of cards used to perform a magical sleight of hand, mentalist, or a prediction routine.

The club venue will have tables arranged around the room. Members will sit at the tables in small groups (three or four). Participating magicians will perform their packet trick routine (of no longer than three minutes) to other members of the group and then move to the next table until they have performed to all the members sat at the tables. Tricks will be performed simultaneously throughout the evening so you don't have to worry about performing to a large audience, the idea is to have fun, introduce yourself to the other members, entertain and be entertained, get some real practice and beat off the completion! You will need to be able to repeat your performance and reset within a minute.

There is no excuse, call yourself a magician then prove it, take up the President's Packet Trick Challenge!

Last Updated Friday, September 4, 2015