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This section is reserved for existing members of the WMA.

Note: the new password is now active, although the old one will remain during October.

The security of the WMA website was increased on 08/03/13, and when you select the purple 'continue' button above, you will be presented with the logging in box looking like:


As the form reminds you, you need to enter the current password as both the 'User Name:' and the 'Password:'

If you are a member and have forgotten the password, please contact a committee member or email Roger.
An email or coming to a meeting will enable to password to be gained.

Please use the form below to add yourself to our emailing list, or to change your interest options. To stop all emails (e.g. to an old, changed, or incorrect email address), please use the 'Unsubscribe' button after you have received an email.
Alternately, please email roger@wmagic.co.uk.

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Last Updated Friday, April 10, 2015