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This year the Convention will be on Sunday 24th March 2024
at Bournemouth School for Girls, Bournemouth BH8 9UJ.


We hope you enjoy a fantastic convention with us in our 91st year


Wayne Trice

Wayne Trice

Wayne is a proud member of both the IBM British Ring no. 25 and The Magic Circle and holds the degree of AIMC with silver star. His magical journey began at The Demon Club, a club for young magicians run by the Davenports family in the studio behind the shop. Whilst magic has always been a part of Wayne’s life, his interests expanded to the world of theatre, where he took on roles as both a performer and in various backstage roles for plays and musicals.

With a background in lighting, sound design, and stage management, Wayne has now become one of the crew for IBM British Ring conventions. He also served as the Theatre Manager at The Magic Circle. Whilst he enjoyed the challenge of the technical aspects of staging shows, Wayne now focuses on performing and hosting events, both corporate and private. Currently, he is the resident compere for West End Magic, London's longest-running family magic show.

In 2023, West End Magic celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a nationwide tour, and the show continues to captivate audiences, hitting the road again this year. For upcoming shows, visit www.westendmagic.com/upcoming-shows.

Tonight, Wayne is delighted to be asked to serve as the compere for the gala show, and is looking forward to introducing some amazing acts to you and enjoying the day of the convention.

For information about Wayne, visit his website

Ryland Petty ryland

Katherine Rhodes Katherine Rhodes

Oliver Tabor Oliver Tabor

Unable to attend

Sorry, but due to unavoidable circumstances, Oliver is unable to attend.

griffin and jones

Griffin and Jones

We are pleased to welcome Griffin and Jones, the Pioneers of Slapdash Magic, to the Convention.

For information about Griffin and Jones, please visit their website

Jay and Joss