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The Wessex Magical Association has many members who have their own web site. If you are looking for a local entertainer, we hope that you will consider the following list first.
Members are in alphabetical order of their Surname.
WMA Member Jamie Adams :- where magic becomes reality. Experience fun & enjoyable close up & stage magic that will leave you & your guests mesmerised, astounded & talking about if for weeks afterwards. You'll be asking yourselves one simple question 'How on earth did he do that?'
Tel: 07565 59 99 36
e-mail: please use the form on the web site
The Great Baldini
WMA Member The Great Baldini :- The Great Baldini (the Emperor of Illusion, the Prince of Prestidigitation, the Maharajah of Mystery) is a magical legend, a relict of the music halls, a performer of the old school. He is available for performances which are a blend of humour and excellent magic, and also lectures to Magic Associations.
Tel: 01929792572
Kevin Burke - Bear Faced Cheek
WMA Member Kevin Burke :- Based in Swanage in Dorset and surrounded by the beautiful Purbeck countryside,"Bear Faced Cheek" is about right, as it sums up Kevin's attitude to entertainment... a heady mix of dare-devil stunts, ridiculous antics, mind-boggling magic and stunning illusions, all presented with an easy-going good humour and spark of silliness that has endeared him to thousands upon thousands of people during his long career as an actor and entertainer.
Tel: 01929792572
Clive St James Greenaway
WMA Member Clive Greenaway :- Home to the No.1 Tribute Act - the greatest of all the clean Comedians / Magicians - Mr Tommy Cooper. Surprisingly affordable family entertainment.
Tel: 01202 709 079
Art of the Impossible
WMA Member Paul Hyland :- 'Art of the Impossible' - stand-up and close-up entertainment for parties, weddings, family gatherings and corporate functions. Paul’s after-dinner Parlour Magic show is an unforgettable experience.
Tel: 01258 454 232
Rob Jayne, The Big Foolini
WMA Member The Big Foolini :- Rob Jayne is The Big Foolini, a magician and entertainer for all ages across Dorset and the South West of England. Prepare to be entertained and baffled in equal measure!

Based in Bridport, Dorset, Rob provides a range of magical experiences, informed by his background in drama and magic. Whether you are looking for ‘walk round mix and mingle’ magic for guests at a party, celebration, family gathering or wedding, or for more formal parlour, cabaret or stage shows, The Big Foolini will be sure to hit the spot in mystification and amusement!

Rob is a proud member of The Magic Circle, The Wessex Magical Association and Actors Equity.
Tel: 07909 842762
WMA Member Alan Lowe :- Alan has been performing children’s magic shows and close up magic for the last ten years, he can provide fun packed magical entertainment for any person, for any occasion. It could be for a private party, garden party, wedding, christening or birthday or retirement party. Why not hire Alan today to bring a smile to your guests faces, as he wows them with his array of tricks that will leave your guests demanding more and searching for clues!
Tel: 07810 598 630
Alfie Illusionist
WMA Member Alfie Illusionist :-  is a professional close-up magician who specializes in sleight of hand magic. Alfie is available to perform as a Wedding Magician; Corporate Magician; Trade Show Magician; or Table Magician
Tel: 07850 544 779
Andy the Magic Man
WMA Member Andy Nineham :- Andy the Magic Man presents enthralling magic shows for children’s parties, christenings, weddings, fetes and special events in Dorset. With a hocus pocus and abracadabra he can bring your special occassion alive.
Tel: 01305 833 439
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