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The 2009 WMA Magic Convention

The latest Convention took place at the Kinson Community Centre on Sunday April 5th 2009.

A (composite) picture of the main hall during the Convention is shown below.

More pictures are below.

9.30 Doors open
9.30 Dealers open for business
Please buy from the DEALERS who are supporting our Convention
10.15 Opening by President Derek Roberts
10.17 Dealer Demonstrations on Stage
11.30 STAR LECTURE-Stephen Tucker
1.00 Comedy Magic lecture-Roger Drew 'An Act from TESCO' (Room 3)
  ARBUCKLES is serving food and drinks throughout the day
2.00 Balloon Workshop-Playtime Balloons 'Inflation with a Twist' (Room 2)
2.00 Mental Magic seminar-Tony Griffith 'Griff goes Mental' (Room 4)
3.00 STAR LECTURE-Jasper Blakeley
5.00 Dealers close
5.00 Close-up Magic (Rooms 1, 2,3 &4)
Find a seat in one of the rooms and the close-up performers will come to you
6.00 Doors open for Gala Show
c 8.30 Finish

The Gala Show

President Derek Roberts
Your compere - Kockov
The Starburst Dancers
Taro the Jester
Art of the Impossible
Michael Pearse
The Starburst Dancers

Carol Gilbert   is selling items from the late Ron Gilbert's collection of unique magic and secondhand effects
Mike Danata's Magic Studio   www.mikedanatasmagicstudio.co.uk
Magic Zone-Gary Young   www.magiczoneenterprises.co.uk
Alakazam   www.alakazam.co.uk
Playtime Balloons   www.playtimeballoons.fsworld.co.uk
Stephen Tucker Magic   www.stephentuckermagic.co.uk
The Card Collection   www.cards4magic.co.uk
Paul Gordon   www.paulgordon.net
Razamatazz   www.razamatazzmagic.com
Tony Griffith   www.tonygriffith.co.uk
Zane's Magic Shop   www.zanesmagicshop.com
Mark Worgan   www.markworgan.co.uk
Wayne Dobson   www.waynedobson.co.uk

Two of the many dealers were:

Mike Danata (from our local shop in Bournemouth)

and 'The Card Collection'


The evening show included 'Kockov' (Jasper Blakeley), with his 'Russian Roulette'.

A full list of the issued paperwork in pdf format is available on this link.


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